Welcome to the new location of "All About U" which opened September 20th in Fort Morgan.

Owner Andrea Spresser started the business with her mother, Claudia Stallings, in Brush ten years ago, making gift baskets and specialty chocolates.

Regular customers of All About U will recognize Spresser’s eye for up and coming, family-owned or creative vendors, like Thompson’s Candle Co from Huntingdon, Pennsylvania or the Torched Products — beer-inspired flavored candles and other items made from beer bottles.

Spresser said they have expanded their men’s gift items in the store.

“We’re still probably still 99 percent about women in our shop, but it’s also about our women who shop for their husbands or their boyfriends or dads or whatever,” she explained. “They still need a variety of fun stuff they can’t find anywhere else.”

Spresser says its important to her to bring in vendors that she’s worked with, used their products or knows has a local connection — like Jackie’s Java from Fort Collins.

“I try to pick unique things that are not a big, mass-produced company,” she explained. “Like knowing the owner of Thompson Candle, it’s that personal connection. And I know if they’re higher quality, better production.”

“That quality piece: if it doesn’t pass my test, I don’t think I should sell it to anybody,” she explained, laughing.

For the gift baskets she is known so well for, Spresser says she still makes at least two thousand per year.

They have expanded their team as well with the bigger space as well.




Kara Morgan / The Fort Morgan Times


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