Padink’s is a consignment store with a French boutique atmosphere located in Fort Morgan, Colorado. We specialize in Misses, Womens, Plus Size Women’s, Men’s and Children’s clothing.

Trying to name the store was a difficult challenge but yet in the end, a simple one.

Padink’s was almost called one of the following names; The Hanger, Store No. 71, Rethreads and even after much exasperation; consideration was even given to naming it after myself. But, none of those names, for lack of a better reason, fit.

It wasn’t until one morning while I was having coffee and before everyone woke, that the name for the store started to take shape.  My dad, a Vietnam Vet, passed away in 1995 from kidney cancer and the complications due to Agent Orange from his tour in Nam and he was suddenly weighing heavily on my mind.

I kept hearing him call me by his nickname for me, Padink: ( PA for the first two initials of my name..DINK because although I managed to get things done, I would procrastinate to the very end, dinking around every step of the way).

That morning, it felt like he was sitting next to me, drinking coffee and  discussing the latest issues in life like we did in all those mornings so long ago.  I wasn’t sad. It wasn’t a grievous experience at all, to be quite honest, it was comforting. And in that moment, all the anxiety of naming the store had left me. Taking a deep breath and nodding with a confident smile, I whispered, “Padink’s it is daddy!” And this is how Padink’s got her name!

Padink’s was founded in 2017 on the idea of offering a “New” Premier type of Women’s, Men’s and Children’s clothing  store and on promoting upscale fashions at affordable prices for it’s Morgan County residents.  This idea was further enhanced to include a shopping experience in an atmosphere similar to the larger retail chain stores.  Padink’s strives to offer our shopping customers high quality repurposed apparel, accessories and shoes at  fair prices and to offer our consigning customers the best price for their repurposed items. In addition to our consigned items, we also offer brand new apparel and accessories to accommodate all of our shoppers.   Our unsold apparel, new or consigned, is never wasted on multi-million dollar corporations, it is recirculated back into our community to help our homeless and to help those in need.


106 West Beaver Avenue, Fort Morgan, CO



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