Carine McCandless, author of New York Times bestseller "The Wild Truth" and Annette McGivney, author of National Outdoor Book award-winner "Pure Land," both grew up in turbulent households. It took each of them decades to come to terms with the past and find the courage to be honest and open about the toll domestic violence had on them and their families. Join us for a presentation about their journeys and the healing power of the truth.

More about the authors:
Annette McGivney is a journalist and professor whose book "Pure Land" recently won the National Outdoor Book Award. After Japanese tourist Tomomi Hanamure was brutally murdered in the Grand Canyon in 2006, Annette wrote a story for Backpacker magazine. The bond Annette felt with Tomomi led her on a ten-year quest to research Tomomi’s life as well as to understand how her 18-ear-old murderer, Randy Wescogame, could have committed such a vicious crime. Pure Land is the story of Tomomi, of Randy, and of Annette herself, who had no idea the personal revelations that her research would uncover.

Carine McCandless is the sister of Chris McCandless, whose life and tragic death in the Alaskan wilderness were chronicled in Jon Krakauer’s best-selling "Into the Wild." In 2014, Carine published her own memoir, "The Wild Truth," in which she bravely shares never-before-publicized details about Chris’s and her childhood, ultimately revealing the real reasons Chris left his family and civilization behind on his journey.

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