Halloween is going to look a little bit different this year, but we'll still be having our beloved Trick R' Treat Street! This year, Trick R' Treat Street will run from 5th to 1st Ave. down Main Street. Trick R' Treaters will be required to walk down the street on one side and back up on the opposite side. While it will be difficult to maintain distance from friends, there will be six-foot markers that we ask you to respect. Disposable masks and hand sanitizer will also be available.

We're also going to be opening Trick R' Treat Street up to the public! If you miss handing candy out to kiddos, we welcome you to bring your car and park on Main! If you are interested in Trunk or Treating, please reach out to me so I can make sure you're set up on Main in time.

COVID-19 has flipped our world upside down, and while it's not always fun to follow the guidelines, it's necessary for us to continue to have events and to keep our community safe. We want our kids to continue to go to school, our businesses to remain open, our elderly to maintain health, and our community to stay strong - and in order to do that we must be mindful of the regulations in place by our Health Department and our local task force

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