Colorado Preservation, Inc.'s Board, staff, and supporters are now meeting virtually to connect from time to time to learn about our critical historic places around Colorado and CPI's Endangered Places Program.

America’s highways were once speckled with what has come to be known as roadside architecture - buildings and resources that catered to travelers exploring the country with the newfound freedom of the automobile. While this architecture often included diners, motels, and filling stations, unique roadside attractions became popular places for travelers to stop. The World’s Wonder View Tower stands as a lasting vestige of this unusual and distinct architecture that has intrigued tourists traveling across Colorado’s Eastern Plains along Interstate 70 and Highway 24 near Genoa for nearly a century.

The World’s Wonder View Tower closed in 2013 and has been vacant since. In July 2016, a creative group of Colorado artists and residents purchased the property with plans to rehabilitate and reopen the site. They hope that doing so will help revive the local economy and create a tourism triangle in Lincoln County to connect nearby attractions. In early 2018 a Historic Structure Assessment was completed for the property.

Join a conversation with CPI’s Endangered Places Program Director, Kim Grant, and Co-Owners of the Tower – Patricia Calhoun, Paul Tamburello, Reed Weimer. They will reflect on the importance of the location’s history and reflect on planning for the long-term.

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