Swetsville Zoo

First thing’s first, The Swetsville Zoo is still open! Parking spots are still reserved for Bill, Carol and Jim. Donations are also still accepted at the entrance as you make your way down to the park that sits quietly by the rushing Poudre river.

Time and change have continued to grow around the 36-acre farm bought by the current owner, Bill Swet’s, parents in 1942. A little more than a year ago, in July of 2019, Bill decided to put the farm up for sale at a listing price of $10.5 million dollars. His brother, Jack, that he started the zoo with, and even a rouge corn maze with back in 1998, is no longer around and across the street where field of grass once waved in the wind is a Les Schwab Tire Center.
This along with other makings of the 21st century, including a Costco, Wal-Mart and Starbucks.
Bill did see a huge uptick in visitors in August of 2019 thinking it would be their last chance to see the zoo and to show it to their kids and, for some, their grandkids, but last August wasn’t it. Lucky for us it’s still here and locals as well as other travelers continue to trickle in from the interstate today. download for rest of story